Help Golden Empire Elementary!!
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I go to one of the best public schools in Sacramento, Golden Empire Elementary School (  Last year, my dad and I helped my school raise almost $3000.00 because some really cool people donated rare items that the school then auctioned on eBay.

(Those people included: React! Records, Revelation Records, Smorgasbord Records, Evan Wivell (from the band Mindset), Dan O'Mahony (from the bands No For An Answer, 411 and Carry Nation), Carlos Izurieta (from the band Police & Thieves, Anis Redmann (from the Singapore based record label One Voice Asia), Ken Salerno (music photographer), Kevin Seconds (from the band 7 Seconds), Dave Smalley (from the bands DYS, All, Down by Law, Dag Nasty) and Chris Lohman (of A.C. Silkscreen - he also does my shirts!).

We are going to be doing a new Hardcore for Education fundraiser where we are going to auction off items on eBay.  We have just started asking for donations, but so far, we are getting donations from SRO Anthem (the people who manage the band Rush), C.J. Wilson, Dicky Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Jimmy Kimmel Live.  We are also donating some of our own stuff like some rare records.

The school needs to raise about $5,800.00 to keep from losing some programs (or cutting them back).  I am hoping to raise about $10,000.00 because I want to raise some extra money for a really cool Red Ribbon Week at the end of October.  That is before the auction, so I am hoping you can donate directly to my school to help us out!  Even $2.00 would be great!  Plus it is tax deductible!  You can either donate to my school's PayPal account or you can send them a check or something.

If you want to mail a check, you can make it out to the PTO and send to the school:
Golden Empire Elementary School PTO
9045 Canberra Dr
Sacramento, CA 95826

You can call my Principal (Dr. Eister) if you have any questions or you can send her a email at