Sunday, December 22, 2013

Andy Norton, Singer of Praise

Andy Norton of Praise at TIHC
Photo from InEffectHardcore
React! Records is one of the most epic labels in hardcore.  Everybody knows THAT! Coming soon on React! is the first full LP by Praise.  Andy Norton (the singer) let me interview him.  (Anybody that gets the chance to see Praise should DO IT! They have awesome music and they are all really really nice guys.)

PMAKid: I am so excited for the new Praise album coming out on React! This is your first full length album, right? Can you tell me about this album?

Andy Norton: The record is called “Lights Went Out” and should be out this winter. Its nine new songs and a rerecorded version of “Afraid To Ask”. It’s the first Praise full length and actually the first full length that I’ve been a part of in terms of writing and recording. We recorded the record with Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA this past August. I think the it picks up right where “Two Songs” left off.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings

Me and Isaiah Thomas
I had tried to get in touch with Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings to do an interview, but I was not having any luck. I asked my friend Michelle Rhee if she could help (her husband is the Mayor of Sacramento).  Mayor Johnson helped me to have one of the best days EVER! I was able to sit down with Isaiah Thomas for a few minutes and then the really cool people from the Kings let me rebound with the Kings players while they were warming up. Thank you so much Mayor Johnson, Ms Rhee, Katie Peterson from the Kings and ESPECIALLY Isaiah Thomas!

PMAKid: Okay, so…my first question: "Did you always want to play in the NBA

Isaiah Thomas: Ever since I was a little boy, I just always had a basketball in my hands, my parents told me. It was just something that I loved to do. Once I got older, that was my dream, to play in the NBA. And even though everybody always told me that I couldn't because I was so small, that just made me want to prove them wrong.