Saturday, October 12, 2013

This is Hardcore - Cool photos!

I had a lot of fun at This is Hardcore, and I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures!

(Thank you Joe Hardcore for making this one of the best weekends EVER!!!)
Here I am singing with Toby during H2O
Picture by Ken Penn
Me and Toby Morse (my first interview ever!)
My dad's friend Chris Carnahan took this picture.

Kevin and Allyson Seconds and me
Chris Carnahan took this picture.

Me singing on Bobby Adams mic during the 7 Seconds set
This picture is by a really cool lady names Anne Spina

Andy from Praise

John Porcelly, me and Kevin Seconds
I think my dad took this picture

Me and the guys from Caught in a Crowd
My dad took this picture.
These guys are AWESOME!!!

Me and the guys from one of the best bands ever, Outlast
My dad took this picture (which is why it is so crappy!)

Me and Joe Hardcore.  He is AWESOME!!!!

Me and my friend Mikey Garcia

My friends Chris and Michelle
It was really awesome to see a Phillies game!

My friend Michelle!

Me and Mr. Polard.  He used to sing in a really cool band named One Up

Kevin Seconds, me and Toby Morse

Ashley Bunce while Bud Morton was proposing to her!!!

Michelle, Chris, me and Allyson!

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