Sunday, December 22, 2013

Andy Norton, Singer of Praise

Andy Norton of Praise at TIHC
Photo from InEffectHardcore
React! Records is one of the most epic labels in hardcore.  Everybody knows THAT! Coming soon on React! is the first full LP by Praise.  Andy Norton (the singer) let me interview him.  (Anybody that gets the chance to see Praise should DO IT! They have awesome music and they are all really really nice guys.)

PMAKid: I am so excited for the new Praise album coming out on React! This is your first full length album, right? Can you tell me about this album?

Andy Norton: The record is called “Lights Went Out” and should be out this winter. Its nine new songs and a rerecorded version of “Afraid To Ask”. It’s the first Praise full length and actually the first full length that I’ve been a part of in terms of writing and recording. We recorded the record with Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA this past August. I think the it picks up right where “Two Songs” left off.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings

Me and Isaiah Thomas
I had tried to get in touch with Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings to do an interview, but I was not having any luck. I asked my friend Michelle Rhee if she could help (her husband is the Mayor of Sacramento).  Mayor Johnson helped me to have one of the best days EVER! I was able to sit down with Isaiah Thomas for a few minutes and then the really cool people from the Kings let me rebound with the Kings players while they were warming up. Thank you so much Mayor Johnson, Ms Rhee, Katie Peterson from the Kings and ESPECIALLY Isaiah Thomas!

PMAKid: Okay, so…my first question: "Did you always want to play in the NBA

Isaiah Thomas: Ever since I was a little boy, I just always had a basketball in my hands, my parents told me. It was just something that I loved to do. Once I got older, that was my dream, to play in the NBA. And even though everybody always told me that I couldn't because I was so small, that just made me want to prove them wrong.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

This is Hardcore - Cool photos!

I had a lot of fun at This is Hardcore, and I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures!

(Thank you Joe Hardcore for making this one of the best weekends EVER!!!)
Here I am singing with Toby during H2O
Picture by Ken Penn
Me and Toby Morse (my first interview ever!)
My dad's friend Chris Carnahan took this picture.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunny Singh of

Joe Hardcore and Sunny Singh
at This is Hardcore 2013
Sunny Singh is one of the nicest and smartest people I have ever met! Back when I was in 6th grade, he did this really cool video for me to show the kids at my school when I did an assembly on choosing to be drug and alcohol free.  I had traded a few emails with him, but did not meet him in person until he and my dad went to a coffee shop for an hour in Sacramento. (Sunny was filming a wedding video the next day.) Because of Sunny, people all over the world get to see great shows even if they can't go to the show.  He is probably one of the nicest guys I know.  I am really REALLY happy that he is my friend. 

PMAKid: You are kinda famous in the hardcore scene because of your website  You record hardcore shows and post them online for free so people all over the world can see these shows when they cannot go themselves.  Why did you start this site in the first place?

Sunny Singh: There were a couple reasons I started this project. In 2001/2002 when I was in high school I was really into collecting VHS tapes of live show footage. I was also starting to go to shows in southern New Jersey and Philly and wanted to find a way to get involved in my local hardcore/punk community. Having never used a camera before I realized the benefits would be threefold: I could teach myself something new, help my friends who were in bands, and start documenting my favorite bands much like the people who filmed the shows I had collected on VHS. The entire project has taught me probably the single most valuable lesson in my life: DIY. If I see a void that I want filled (even if it’s just for myself and that no one else would enjoy), I fill it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Interview with Gary Sinise - Actor and COOL GUY!

Gary Sinise (photo from
I knew about Mr. Sinise from TV and movies, but the thing that made me want to interview him was a show I saw that showed all the cool things he has done for our troops.  I have family and friends that have been in the Army and Marines, and I know that what they go through is really hard.  Mr. Sinise has dedicated a lot of time to try to make things easier for them.  It is SO COOL that he let me interview him!

PMAKid: You are pretty famous because of the movies you have been in and your TV show, CSI: NY. I have talked to a few "famous" people, and I like to ask them how they deal with the negative side of being famous.  I would bet that it is probably hard for you and your wife and your kids to go to the movies or just go have a pizza, right? Does this bother you?

Mr. Sinise: It's really not too much of a problem Julian. Depending on where I might be, people are usually very friendly and respectful of privacy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

PMAKid Reporting on This is Hardcore

Hey everybody,

My dad and I are on the way to Philadelphia to go to This is Hardcore. There are so many cool bands playing, and I am going to get to see some of my friends from around the world.

There are going to be a lot of great bands, but right now I am most excited for Saturday.  Keep an eye on my website or follow me on instagram at or @PMAKid, for updates throughout the weekend at This is Hardcore.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help me for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Hi everybody! Teacher appreciation week is coming in a couple weeks.  Last year, I wrote about my awesome kindergarten teacher Mr. Ferreter who passed away from cancer just before Teacher Appreciation Week.  I wanted to try something out.  I know a lot of you had really awesome teachers and I thought it would be really cool if people would send me short videos (like maybe a minute or less) that talk about a really cool teacher that helped them.  I would like to post those on PMAKid so we can all share all the cool teachers that are out there! Can you just send to my email address

Joe Hardcore of This is Hardcore Fest

Joe Hardcore
Joe Hardcore is a really cool guy.  He puts on one of the biggest and best hardcore music fests in existence (my dad and I are going this year!!!) in Philadelphia every summer.  People from a lot of the bands I have interviewed play there.  The thing that I like about this interview is he is really honest.  People should be more honest about themselves like Joe Hardcore.  If they were, the world would definitely be a lot better.

PMAKid: You are known really well in the hardcore music world for the amazing This is Hardcore (TIHC) fest that you put on in Philadelphia every year.  I know this year it is going to be four days and about 50 bands.  How did TIHC first get started and did you ever think it would be this big?

Joe Hardcore: This Is Hardcore started after the summer of 2005 showed me that Philadelphia would be a great place to have a hardcore fest.

I'd watched as Hellfest 2005 fell apart and my friends like Sean Agnew of r5 productions and Robby Redcheeks pulled bands from it and put together some of the coolest shows all within a 2 day period in our city. With the Lifetime/108 show capping off those shows at the Starlight, we finally had a big venue that we could book in for Hardcore shows. The second thing that really wedged the idea into my mind was that Posi Numbers was no longer going to happen. Bob Mac had encountered a lot of fights and just didn't want to keep it going. Without Posi #s or Hellfest being in the general area, it seemed like there would be a decent space in the hardcore calendar year for a new fest.

I wrote a bunch of names down in a notebook I carried on tour and when I got home, I started hashing details out. I just wanted to book a fest that encompassed more then just one style/variety of hardcore and be without a lot of the hoopla that had made Hellfest go under.

I never expected nor thought TIH was big enough for the Electric Factory and I am still in disbelief at times. I am just thankful that the efforts that I put forward in building up the bill and then how hard my team works throughout the weekend, is so supported by the hardcore scene. It definitely makes each year awesome for us.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dan O'Mahony of No For An Answer, 411, Carry Nation and Done Dying

Dan O'Mahony | Photo by Nicole C. Kilbert (

PMAKid: You and my dad are always giving each other a hard time because you are pretty liberal and my dad is a republican.  You are both really strong in your opinions.  It seems to me like everybody is always yelling at each other about politics, but you two get along.  How do you get along and why can't everybody stop being stupid and just talk to each other?

Mr. O'Mahony: It's a more complicated question than it might seem. Both ends of the political spectrum have their unreasonable sects and both of us are not entirely in sync with our part lines either. I see your father and I (as well as most people who can cross the aisle productively) as placing each other's character and our impact on the people around us ahead of policy. Beyond that I don't associate your father's thinking with what I consider the most negative association's with the current far right, i.e. masking long standing racial and sexual prejudices as immigration or values issues. I see his concerns as being fiscal. Likewise I think he sees me as being more tolerance focused than just a party line Dem willing to rubber stamp all things Obama. (sorry if I rambled on this one!)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mindset, Step Aside, New Deal and Wrong Idea are AWESOME!

About a month ago, my dad and I went to 924 Gilman to see some great bands.  The music was awesome and I got to play basketball before the show with some of the guys from New Deal and Step Aside.  One of my favorite parts of the show was when Gabe from Wrong Idea (he is only 15 years old!) got on stage with Step Aside to play my favorite song, Young Til I Die. My friend Matt Gill caught this really great shot of Gabe giving me the microphone for a second.  I had so much fun at that show!!!

I think my friend Bryan has the most awesome look on his face in this picture.  Everybody should check out Step Aside and Wrong Idea!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Curt Canales of Chain of Strength

Curt Canales from Chain of Strength
I am finally getting back to all my interviews.  I have a lot of really cool ones coming up. This interview is with Mr. Curt Canales (the vocalist for Chain of Strength). Thanks a lot for the interview, Mr. Canales! 

PMAKid: You played in one of Revelation Records' earlier bands, Chain of Strength. (My dad actually saw you guys play a show in Connecticut a long time ago!) You only did a couple 7" records, but your music is still really popular with straight edge kids and older people like my dad. Why do you think that you guys are still so popular?

Mr. Canales: I think we made a couple of records that were different than many of the bands at the time. We also had a certain cloud (urban myths) over us that possibly led to some of the curiosity that remains even today...I hope our shows in New York will reduce any questions about the band and its members.  All of us were a part of hardcore long before Chain and we will continue to be long after.