Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marc Klaas of Klaas Kids

Marc Klaas
Marc Klaas runs KlaasKids.  Since his daughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered a long time ago, Mr. Klaas has been working to help protect kids and to help families who have kids missing.  Mr. Klaas is a really great guy and I am really happy that he took the time to let me interview him.

PMAKid: A lot of people know who you are and it is not because of a happy reason. It is because a guy named Richard Allen Davis snuck into your house and kidnapped your daughter Polly. He also murdered her. I have read a lot about what happened, but it is hard to see what she was like as a person. I know that she was the same age that I am right now, but what was she really like before all that awful stuff happened?

Mr. Klaas: Polly was my only child and I thought that she was the best person that I have ever known. She filled my life with happiness, love, and hope. She was a very pretty little girl with a sunny disposition and a natural talent for acting. Polly was smart and had a goofy sense of humor. She was working very hard to overcome her shy nature and was beginning to realize the person that she would become. I was teaching her how to play baseball because she wanted to play with the boys.

Mark Turner - Straight Edge Band New Deal

Sacramento straight edge band New Deal
Photo by my friend Matt Gill
I originally got this interview from Mark Turn of New Deal at the start of the summer, but I am finally posting it now.  New Deal is a really great band and everybody should check them out.  Thanks Mark!

PMAKid: First off, can you tell me who is in New Deal? What they do outside of the bands? (I know Mark is in law school.) What bands everybody played in before?

Mark: Definitely! I play guitar, Mike Sofo is on vocals, Colton Tokunaga on bass, and Thomas Vanderpol on drums. Like you said, I'm in law school right now and have about a year left before I can take the Bar Exam. Mike is going to be going to law school sometime in the near future and lives/works in Davis. Thomas is in cosmetology school and should be done this summer, and Colton just got back from basic training for the Coast Guard. Mike, Colton, and I were all in a short-lived straight edge band called Alive & Well before we were in New Deal. Mike was in a straight edge band from St. Louis called Resolve (you'd probably really like them) and Thomas was in a few Redding bands before moving to Sacramento (Forte Emprise).