Saturday, May 5, 2012

RIP Mr. Ferreter: A Great Teacher

Mr. Ferreter - my kindergarten teacher
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week here in the United States.  During this week, we are supposed to think about all the cool teachers we have had and thank them for helping us to learn.  Adults should remember the teachers that they had when they were kids and thank the teachers who help their kids to learn.

Kids like me spend a lot of time each day at school, and our teachers have a big impact on kids like me.  They help us learn what we need to understand for when we grow up and they have a hug for us when we are sad about something.  They are not our parents, but they they are sort of like on a team with our parents.

Paul Ferreter was my kindergarten teacher - my first real teacher.  The day my mom and dad dropped me off for kindergarten I was scared and nervous. Here was this stranger at the front of the room that I had never met before and I was supposed to listen to everything he said and he was going to help me learn new things.  There were all sorts of new kids I had never met before.

Mr. Ferreter taught me to be a Letter Expert. (I still have my old Letter Expert crown that I got when I became a Letter Expert.)  He helped me to learn to read.  He helped me to learn math. He was always happy and had a great smile, and whenever we needed help he was there.  That was the most fun year that I have ever had at school.  Every school year - all the way up to 6th Grade - Mr. Ferreter would always say "Hi!" when I passed him in the hall.  All the kids loved him, and he was an awesome person in every way.

Mr. Ferreter died this past Monday.  He had learned a few months ago that he had Stage 4 inoperable stomach cancer.  When he learned about this, he resigned after teaching for many, many years so he could spend time with his family.  All of us at the school were scared and nervous and we hoped and prayed that he would get better.  Unfortunately, the cancer ended up winning.  This has been really tough for his family, his students and all the people who he worked with because we loved him so much.

So I want everybody that comes to my website and reads this to think about the great teachers that you have now, that you had in the past, that your kids may have or whatever and think about what they do for the kids. Teachers like Mr. Ferreter are our friends, our mentors and so much more.  Please thank a teacher for everything they do.

Bye Mr. Ferreter.  We will all miss you forever...


  1. Julian,

    This post about Mr. Ferreter is just beautiful. You captured, in words, what an amazing and caring teacher he was--for others to learn and know about him. He truly was a very special person with a gift for teaching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of Mr. Ferreter. And how cool is it that you still have your Letter Expert crown!

    You are a great writer, Julian. Keep up your awesome work!

    ~Dr. Eister, Golden Empire Principal

  2. Julian,
    Thanks for taking the time to honor Mr. Ferreter. In this difficult period of mourning, your words bring comfort. School is like a second family, and Paul was definitely the big brother we all looked up to and admired. It is teacher appreciation week, but Julian-teachers very much appreciate students like you. Way to go!
    R. Snider

  3. Beautiful. I miss him too. He was an amazing teacher to my son. He will be missed by all. Thank you Julian.
    Kelly Adams

  4. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You have an eloquence beyond your years.
    Nancy Ferreter

  5. What a wonderful tribute you have written about Mr Ferreter, Julian. I didn't know him but I know his family and I'm sure this meant a lot to them.
    We have all had teachers that were an important part of our lives and will be with us always.
    Clearly Mr. Ferreter was and will be that teacher for you.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Deb Lowther

  6. i went to schools there about two years back and he was a great teacher i heared this from my friend i cant belive he is gone


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