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Lou Koller from NYHC band Sick Of It All

Lou Koller of Sick Of It All
Lou Koller is the lead singer for the band Sick Of It All.  They have been playing hardcore music for a long time.  I did not really know them very well until I saw the H2O video for "What Happened?" where Lou Koller and Matt Skiba were doing guest vocals.  Thanks to Jordan Cooper from Revelation Records and Nathan Gluck from Good Fight Entertainment for helping me to get this interview!!

PMAKid: You have been singing for Sick of it All since the mid-1980s (my dad even saw you guys play at CBGBs a long time ago). A lot of the early hardcore bands played for a few years and then broke up (except for reunion shows and stuff). How is it that Sick of it All has been going strong for so many years?

Mr. Koller: We simply found something we loved and wanted to do for a living. We are lucky that we found this and stuck with it. Even when times were bad and there was little to no money coming in, we stuck with it. I can't tell you how many years we would work all week just to afford to go on tour. Then get home from the weekend tour at like 3 or 4 am monday to be up for work by 6 am. We just had so much fun and loved that we got to travel and meet people from all walks of life that we just kept going.

PMAKid: What is your favorite song or musician or band that is not hardcore or punk or that kind of music and why? Do you ever listen to classical music? I like the New World Symphony by Dvorak.

Mr. Koller: I am a total rock guy! So most of my stuff I listen to is rock n roll, which is such a wide variety of music. As for classical,I don't know much about it. I listen to it around the house with my wife and daughter all the time. But I never know whats playing! I also like movie sound tracks, which have a lot of classical sounding stuff on it. My favorite sound track is The Good,the Bad and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone. I know a lot of people love it but I listen to it a lot on tour. Depending on the song, it can relaxes me or gets me psyched up to go on stage! I have a lot of his stuff and it's all good.

Sick Of It All
PMAKid: I like to ask people this question because it is always interesting and sometimes people have surprising answers: what are your three favorite books and why are they your favorite?

Mr. Koller: Well I wish I could say my favorites were from some deep philosopher but the reality is I mostly read fiction except for biographies of people I find interesting. Some of my favorite Bio's are Jackie Chan's and John Joseph of the Cro-Mags. Both had to over come very harsh up bringing and made the best of it!. On the fiction side a book I reread a lot is The Rising by Brian Keene. It's a story of a father separated from his son during a zombie holocaust. It's fast and scary and I like it because he never gives up and never looses faith that he will find his son alive and well.

PMAKid: Do you have kids? If so, how old are they? How do you teach them to be positive about things?

Mr. Koller: I have a daughter who just turned 2! I think the best way to teach them anything is to lead by example. Which isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes life's pressures get to you. And I have to be very aware not to react in a pissed off angry way. Sometimes I slip up and I can see in her eyes it scares her so I tell her I'm sorry and again try to remember that everything she sees me do, is going to affect her.

PMAKid: I heard you are working on a new album. What can you tell me about this album? What kind of musical style and when is it going to come out?

Mr. Koller: Well we are in the early stages of writing right now. Each of us is at home writing ideas for music, melodies, lyrics etc. Then a some point in the summer we get together and see what we've each brought to the table and go from there. Musically, I think it's safe to say, we'll keep progressing (a word that sometimes scares hardcore fans) as we did on the last 2 studio albums, Based On A True Story and Death To Tyrants. As for when it's out I'm gonna guess sometime 2013. But don't hold me to that ha ha ha.

Lou Koller
PMAKid: Last year Jordan Cooper from Revelation Records gave my school some records (test presses and others) to donate for our first Hardcore for Education fundraiser. A lot of the almost $3,000 we raised went to help pay for my school's band teacher. How important do you think it is to have music in school (especially for me at elementary school level)?

Mr. Koller: I think music and all arts are very important, especially for young kids. It mite open a whole new world to someone, or give them an outlet they mite never have had.

PMAKid: In my house, we are very interested in politics. My dad actually likes to watch all the shows about the Presidential race like other people are into football or something. Since we are going to vote for President this year, can you give me your thoughts on the candidates or on politics in general?

Lou Koller helping Toby Morse
in the H2O What Happened? video
Mr. Koller: That is a hard question. I've become so jaded and untrusting of all the candidates and anyone in higher office. I used to think everyone in the government is there for the betterment of our country and to make the lives of the people better. But how to make the country better? Should we strengthen the economy by giving big corporations more say in congress and less restrictions when it comes to the environment and how they dispose of waste? Should we be more caring to the poorer people of our land or is it everyman for himself? Now this is my opinion and I hope the younger generations make their own way of deciding whats right for them. But I look at everyone Democratic, Republican, Independent etc) and their overall plan and choose the lesser of the evil. ha ha Not very PMA but i'm being honest here.

PMAKid: Obviously your band takes a lot of your time, but what else do you do - for fun or work or whatever?

Mr. Koller: Most of my time is spent with my daughter and our dog. Keeping those 2 happy and healthy are full time jobs and I don't know how my wife, who has a full time job, does it when I'm away on tour! For myself, I love to listen to music, new and old. I read comics and I also write but nothing serious. Just short stories for myself.

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