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Chris Mahon of Bang Bros

Bang Bros (Chris Mahon on vocals)
Chris Mahon is a friend of mine from Dublin, Ireland.  He sings in a REALLY great band called Bang Bros.  You should check them out! They are awesome!

PMAKid: You were one of my friends that helped me out (by doing a video) with the presentation I gave to my school about making the choice to be drug free. (That Champion poster you have on your wall is AWESOME!) You ended your video clip by saying "I guess I am just out of step". I bet you were using that song from Minor Threat, right? What are your thoughts on being straight edge and making the choice to stay away from drugs and alcohol? Were you always straight edge like Toby Morse or did you switch to being edge like Aram Arslanian?

Chris: You bet I got it from Minor Threat. That band are as important now as they were when they started. Plus I needed something to add to my part. I have nowhere near enough charisma as Dave Outlast. 

Well the way I see, straight edge is its a personal choice and people embrace it for many different reasons. It can be a good common ground to meet people and share a connection but it doesn't define me as a person. I still have as much fun with my friends who drink as I do with my edge friends.its definitely a part of me that I'm proud of. 

I used to drink when I was younger but nothing crazy. I just realized this was pretty crappy and I could be using the money to buy sweet nikes. Alcohol is expensive. 

PMAKid: Another cool guy from Dublin named Matteo Ferrari from Hurry Up Records and Bridge 9 Records donated some cool Bane records for my Hardcore for Education fundraiser for my school. You gave my dad and me a cool CD of a band from the Dublin area called Find a Way. Does Dublin have a cool hardcore scene?

Chris is funny!
Chris: Dublin used to have a great hardcore. I guess it still does but it seems people aren't starting bands anymore or as often as they used to. There are still awesome bands like Loose Nut, Frustration, Nibiru and Pulled Apart who kill when they play. 

There's one or two bands starting up who I'm really excited for like Enough Already. I think that's a great name and if they cover who they say they are going to cover I'm going to lose my mind. Dublin is small so everyone pretty much helps each other out with gear and venues and stuff. Theres also a good crossover in the hardcore,punk and crust scenes here. Gotta stick together like glue, like crew. 

Matteo is a good dude alright. He just had a kid there a few days ago. Congratulations to him and Glauce on the birth of baby Enrico

PMAKid: You do vocals for a really great band called Bang Bros. I love your music! Tell me about the guys in your band, what you do outside of the band and how you write your songs.

Chris: Thanks for saying dude. That really means a lot :)

The guys in my band are pretty good friends of mine. I've been in bands with three of them before going back years so we all know each other well. 

Robbie plays bass,runs the label 46 Records and is essential to a night out. Jon plays drums and is genuinely one of the nicest dudes I know. Eddie plays guitar and aside from living with him we watch National Lampoons movies,drink coffee and talk about the stupidest stuff. Gav plays guitar and is one of my best friends.I couldn't think of a better person to get a burrito and talk about band t shirts with.  He is also straight edge which automatically majesty him better than the other three guys :)

We write songs in pretty reg way. We'll have a tune or the riff and build from there. We also try add in a bit that's a bit stupid. Case in point is the outro of 'career average' on our record. You'll hear it .

Aside from Bang Bros I work in a stockroom, nothing major but I want to go back to study. When not working I'm playing,talking or posting about baseball.its my passion. GO PHILLIES!!!

PMAKid: I think it is really cool how I was able to meet some really cool people from all over the world from my website at the React showcase a few months ago. People like you and Rune and Fredrik and Mike and Bryan and Pawsi and other people are really cool and it is awesome how people all over the world can come together and be friends through this music and our decisions to live a drug free life. What are your thoughts on this?

Chris and some other friends when Not Sorry played
Chris: Oh believe that. I have made some awesome friends through hardcore. Scratch that, some of the best people I know I met through hardcore.

Actually I met Fred and Rune through the showcase in 2010.they were posting on the React! board about going so I tagged along. I didn't know them at all and fortunately they didn't kill me and dump my body somewhere and we had an awesome time now we are good friends. We had so awesome in fact that we did it the next year as well. 

I think hardcore as a community is great. But like any community there are negative elements and some people can be pretty lame people. Like promoters going with trends to somehow make money off kids who are genuinely onto hardcore ,people with bad attitudes at shows and stuff like that. You're always going to get that but the good far outweighs the bad. Just surround yourself with positive people and have a good attitude and most importantly have fun. If people talk trash, forget em.

PMAKid: David from Step Aside told me about something weird that happened to him recently. It was also pretty gross. Can you tell me the weirdest thing that happened to you? 

Chris: Weird and gross? Mmmm I have one or two. 

Once I fell asleep as normal when I was a kid and you know the stuff you get in the corner of your eye when you wake up?I had that but all over my eye. I woke up and thought I was blind. Naturally I freaked out and ran into my parents. After my mom stopped freaking out they took it off. It was like something from the X-Files. That was gross and weird. 

I used to walk a lot in my sleep as well. I made it down to the kitchen and was making toast one time. That was awesome. 

PMAKid: What does friendship mean to you?

Chris: it means a lot for sure. It's kind of something I didn't really have when i was younger.I wanted to believe what other kids said and couldn't figure out why they'd make stuff up and why they were crappy people. 

I know a lot of people but there are only few I would consider true friends.those I do have mean a lot to me though. 

Having said that if anyone was to buy me that Reyn Spooner Phillies golf shirt on football fanatics they would automatically be my best friend. Same goes for Atari tests :)

PMAKid: Tell me about the zine that you do. I know you wanted to interview me for the last issue, but I never got my questions done. I promise I will for the next issue!!!!

Chris: My zine is called Too Tired To Drive Home. It's named after an Atari 7" cause I love that band so much and interviewing their singer Brent is kind of how I started doing the zine. 
It's a cut and paste zine that takes me too long to put together and I manage to put out one and a half issues a year. 

I did want to interview you and I will for my next issue. Whenever that is is a mystery at the moment though. I might try to get issue 3 out for summer...2014.

PMAKid: When you came to the United States for the React Records showcase a few months ago, was that your first time to the United States? What do you like about the US? What don't you like about the US?

Chris: Nope that was my third time to the US. I was there in 2008 for Sound and Fury.that was my first time I was there. I tend to only go for shows but I plan on visiting friends I'm Chicago in June. I'm so stoked to get to go to Wrigley Field. 

I love the states!!!!as a tourist everything is so much better. The exchange rate was also pretty rad when I was there and stuff in comparison is a hell of a lot cheaper to begin with. I love all the candy that I can't get at home. the flamin hot cheetos (PMAKid: I LOVE flaming' hot cheetos!!!) and all the energy drinks like monster. We can only get a few ones over here. I also appreciate the vegetarian option of food. Last time I was in SF I was able to buy a veggie hotdog on the street.ON THE STREET!!!!I can't get that anywhere over here. Plus I love being able to go see baseball games. I got to see Oakland play Texas last time I was over and had the best time ever. 

Something I don't like? Americans! Haha I'm totally joking. I can't think of something I don't like. Coming home I guess.

PMAKid: "Slow it down!" Your thoughts?

Chris: Take things easy and keep your cool.  And if you hear someone say that in a song dance like you got no bones in your body. 

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