Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interview with David Tartaglia from Step Aside

Step Aside
Step Aside is a cool band from Arizona that we have been listening to a lot lately.  They are really good and you should check them out.  Their new EP is really cool!

PMAKid: My dad found out about you guys from a friend on Facebook. I know you guys live in Arizona and that your first EP is REALLY AWESOME. Can you tell me who is in the band and what you guys do outside the band?

David: That's really awesome, we are from Tucson, Arizona and we started the band late last summer. Step is Joshua Andrade, Ryan Bram, Riley Chander and David Tartaglia (myself). Outside of the band I am a manager at Jimmy John's (Sandwich joint), Josh is a store manager at a Zumiez in Mesa, Arizona, Ryan is a full time student and records bands in his studio on the side, and Riley is a cook. Thanks for the kind words about "Reaching Out", we are really pumped to have the record out and it means a lot to us that people like the record.