Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry Rollins Interview

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is known for being one of the vocalists in the band Black Flag, for being in various movies, for his positions on various views and for being a really smart (and intense!) guy.  Mr. Rollins was nice enough to let me interview him.  I hope you like this one!!!

PMAKid: I know that you have been in Black Flag and the Rollins Band. You have been in TV shows and in movies and on the radio and that you have written books too. Are there any of these things that you like more than the others?

Mr. Rollins: The lowest stress environment is the radio show. I am not on camera and I can let the music do the talking. The rest is more highly pressurized or in the case of writing, time intensive task. I say yes to all of it and like all of it but the radio show, by nature of what it is, is the least hassle.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carlos Izurieta of the band Police and Thieves

Carlos from Police & Thieves
Photo by Fredrik Malthe
Carlos Izurieta sings for the band Police & Thieves and is one of the really cool guys who helped out my school last year by donating items for the Hardcore for Education fundraiser.  It was very cool to meet Carlos in person at the React! Records Showcase in September.  He is really smart and really nice! I hope you enjoy the interview! 

PMAKid: What are your three favorite books and why?

a. Hammer of the Gods by Stephen Davis. I know people hate on Zep but I grew up on them and still dig them, plus the book inspired one of my favorite movies, "Almost Famous." I mean who wouldn't want to travel with their favorite band?

b. Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, really connected with me when I was in high school, since it was a time, I felt really alienated and ostracized. I think everyone goes through these emotions at some point in their life, while trying to find their identity and place in life, I think this book does a really good job upon touching on these themes. It's also interesting to note that after this book was published, it drove the author into hiding because of all this unwanted fame and notoriety it brought him. It was really too bad since he might have had a few more masterpieces in him, if he hadn't turned into such a recluse.

c. A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, I think it's a great read on so many levels, the description of  Paris at that time and the cast of historical characters who were inspired by living there is incredible and inspiring.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jonathan Raymond Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent

Jonathan Raymond, Superintendent
Sacramento City Unified School District

Jonathan Raymond is the Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District, which has close to 50,000 students and 85 different schools. I was able to interview him recently when he came to my school.  He is a really nice guy with a really hard job!

PMAKid: Last year we had very little PE, and I know that schools were not following the state law which said that we had to have a certain amount of PE.  Now we are getting PE.  Why were the schools not following the law, and what is happening to to make sure all the schools are following the law?

Jonathan Raymond: We have a district coordinator of our physical education programs now. Her name is Heather Deckard. Her job is to not only support our PE teachers - to make sure they have the training and the equipment and tools that they need to run our PE programs, but she's also there to keep checking up to make sure our schools are following the requirements and that all our kids are getting their necessary PE and activities. Physical Activity is very, very important.  It's a big part of learning that we have to support and we have to monitor and hold our schools accountable.  That's what Heather's job is.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

John Porcelly of Youth of Today, Judge, Project X and other bands

Porcell of Youth of Today

I am really excited about this interview.  John Porcelly (or Porcell) has played in a lot of straight edge bands like Youth of Today, Judge and Shelter.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

PMAKid: What are your three favorite songs (by any bands)? Why are they your favorite and what impact did they have on you?

Porcell: Wow, this is a tough question. Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love music, and I was probably around 6 when I realized this. My dad was this old Italian guy and had the worst record collection ever. It was filled with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tom Jones and other music that even at an early age I just couldn't wrap my head around. Somehow or other, amidst the dozens of LP's of Rat Pack crooners, almost unbelievably, my square dad had one rock and roll record. I have no idea how it got there, and to this day I think it must've ended up in his collection by mistake because he never played it once or even mentioned the band's name. The record was "Between the Buttons" by the Rolling Stones. I played that thing incessantly. I would sit there with my Planet of the Apes action figures and listen to it over and over and over. After that I managed to talk my dad into buying me the Kiss "Alive" record and forget it, that was the knockout punch. I was a rocker from then on.