Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Hardcore for Education T-Shirts

Hi everybody!!!

Last summer, a bunch of bands and labels and other people helped my school to raise a bunch of money by donating rare records and other stuff which we auctioned off. We also sold a bunch of t-shirts. Chris Lohman from AC Silk Screen was really cool and would print and then ship shirts for us at a really low price. My dad wants to do another fundraiser but has been too busy to do it for now. He says we will probably do another after school starts again. The school is going to do a final sale of t-shirts for a couple weeks and then recycle the screens used to make the shirts. You can order the shirts at All the money goes directly to my school. The school is only going to sell these for another two weeks. There are two different designs, both made for free by Dan O'Mahony of No For An Answer, Carry Nation and 411.

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  1. Hi Julian!
    I finally checked out your site! Thanks for introducing me to the positive message and lifestyle promoted by these musicians and athletes. One thing I love is people who break stereotypes!


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