Monday, July 25, 2011

DYS at 924 Gilman Street

PMAKid's dad here. We had a blast last night at the DYS show at Gilman. Good opening acts (especially Wolves & Thieves). Lots of positive energy and the guys from DYS were good down to earth fellas. Got a shot of Julian and Dave Smalley.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Hardcore for Education T-Shirts

Hi everybody!!!

Last summer, a bunch of bands and labels and other people helped my school to raise a bunch of money by donating rare records and other stuff which we auctioned off. We also sold a bunch of t-shirts. Chris Lohman from AC Silk Screen was really cool and would print and then ship shirts for us at a really low price. My dad wants to do another fundraiser but has been too busy to do it for now. He says we will probably do another after school starts again. The school is going to do a final sale of t-shirts for a couple weeks and then recycle the screens used to make the shirts. You can order the shirts at All the money goes directly to my school. The school is only going to sell these for another two weeks. There are two different designs, both made for free by Dan O'Mahony of No For An Answer, Carry Nation and 411.

DYS Show at Gilman Street this weekend

Hi everybody. I just wanted to let everybody know that DYS is playing at 924 Gilman Street this Sunday. My dad and I are going to go. It will be really cool because I will get to meet Dave Smalley who gave me an interview a couple weeks ago.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview with Jordan Cooper of Revelation Records

Anybody who listens to hardcore or Straight Edge music should know about Revelation Records. Jordan Cooper and Ray Cappo of Youth of Today (and other bands) started Revelation a long time ago when my dad was not old. Now they have about 150 records they have put out! Jordan was one of the donors for my school fundraiser last year, giving us a bunch of test presses! He was really nice and let me interview him. I hope you enjoy!!!!

PMAKid: What are your three favorite songs (by any bands)? Why are they your favorite and what impact did they have on you?

Jordan: That's a tough question to answer at this point in my life. When I was young I really tried to identify myself by what I listened to so it might have been easier then. A lot of the hardcore that I really liked had more to do with the energy and sound of the songs than the message. On some of my favorite songs I had no idea what the bands were talking about (e.g. Coptic Times by Bad Brains and Hybrid Moments by the Misfits - still not sure what that one's about). Obviously a lot of what hardcore is about what's actually being said so I did have a lot of stuff that I liked as far as that went, too. Without racking my brain too hard, I remember that Filler by Minor Threat was a song that I felt like I understood and related to the first time I heard it. Same with FVK by Bad Brains. DRI also had a lot of great songs about being a suburban punk that seemed like they could have been talking about my friends and me. When I first started liking hardcore I took it really seriously and then once I started going to shows I really started to like the funnier bands like AOD, Violent Children and bands like that. There aren't any specific songs that I can point to that really influenced me, but taken as a whole, the music, the people and the experience of being at shows and other places together and caring about a lot of the same stuff was how hardcore impacted me.

Five Interviews coming up!!!!

I have five interviews coming up:

Jordan Cooper from Revelation Records
Aram Arslanian of React Records
California Assemblywoman Connie Conway
California Senator Darrell Steinberg

- and an interview I am extra excited about -

C.J. Wilson, Straight Edge pitcher for the Texas Rangers (and American League Allstar!!!!!!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kevin Seconds Artwork

Hey everybody...

PMAKid's dad here. PMAKid interviewee (and family friend) Kevin Seconds is a pretty cool artist (we have five pieces of his here at our home). You will not regret picking up one of his really cool pieces!

Go get some!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Interview with Dave Smalley (DYS, Down by Law, All, Dag Nasty

Dave Smalley is a really cool guy! Not only has he been in a lot of really cool bands, he helped my school fundraiser last year! I hope you like this interview.

(UPDATE by PMAKid's dad: One of Dave's band's - DYS - is playing on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the Sound & Fury Fest in Santa Barbara. Three days of great bands and a lot of PMA! They are also playing at the famous 924 Gilman in Berkeley on Sunday, July 24, 2011. All should go check DYS on Sunday.)

PMAKid: You have been in the hardcore and punk scene for decades and have played in a lot of bands. Some of your early music was more hardcore, and your more recent stuff is more melodic. Which style to you like more? Do you even like one more than another?

Dave: I like both. I think all human beings are at least a little bit Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, and many of us are downright quadrophenic (Quadrophenia is a classic album by The Who). I think too many times people can get rigid in life, put our blinders on, get locked into one way of thinking, and forget that life has many flavors to savor. I listen to tons of hard rock and metal, like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, etc., but I also listen to Beethoven and Mozart, to Discharge and the Bad Brains, and to Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington. So I think there's merit to both the melodic punk and to the hardcore stuff too.