Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An interview with Toby Morse from H2O and

Ever since my dad played one of H2O's songs, I liked all of their music. I also like because the whole purpose is not doing drugs and living a clean, positive life. I got into hardcore a couple of years ago because of my dad's long friendship with the guys from 7 Seconds. Some of my favorite H2O songs are One Life One Chance, Sunday, and What Happened.

When people in hardcore think of keeping a positive outlook, one of the people they think of is Toby Morse, the singer of H2O and the guy behind I am really happy my first interview is with Toby.

PMA Kid: Tell me about the OLOC project.

Toby: OLOC is the name of my organization that goes to schools to inspire kids to make healthy life choices and maintain PMA and be themselves and to avoid peer pressure.

PMA Kid: What made you want to start Where did you get the idea for the site?

Toby: I asked to speak to kids at a school in Rockaway Queens by a H2O Fan who was a Teacher there . She had made the students a PMA Mixtape for a memoir project and the number song that kids related to on it was a song called Sunday By H2O and the kids wrote me these heartfelt letters and  the Teacher asked me to come and meet them the next time is was in NYC and the rest is history (as they say).

PMA Kid: How many schools have you spoken at? 

Toby: 17

PMA Kid: Please tell me about them.

Toby: They were all different,Middle & High Schools,Small Groups or 3000 kids at one time. Each school had there own story of what was the major negative thing that was happening w the students,whether it be bullying,drugs,violence,problems at home or teenage pregnancy.They all  made me emotional in different ways.

PMA Kid: Where do you hope to take OLOC in the future?


PMA Kid: My family always talks about how important it is to do well in school. Both Max and I go to public school in California. What do you think about how little money there is for schools? Max goes to a charter school, right? I go to a regular public school. Do you think one of  these is better? 

Toby: Its sad. Prisons get more money than the schools here in Cailfornia. Charters are Public,but they are lotteries so not everyone gets in. We didn't get into a couple that we were on the list for and we almost moved to Chicago. The parents are a big part of their childrens education also. Getting involved by being part of the school board, activities and working at home with their kids.

PMA Kid; Do you help out at Max's school as a parent? How important is it for parents to help out at their kids school?

Toby: We serve lunch at school and have to give 50 hrs a year. I did a fundraiser a couple years ago in nyc for son's school also.

PMA Kid: What are your favorite three songs you have ever heard? Why?

Toby: Minor threat-straight edge Why? I was only  13 and hadn't tried anything and was around it 24/7 and I just connected w/the lyrics. Gorilla Biscuits - Cats N dogs Why? Inspired me to become a vegetarian in 88. 7 seconds - Man Enough to Care. No one was singing songs about the subject of father/son relationships in hardcore and still never have like this and I never had a dad to experience the lyrics in this song, but I had alot of friends at the time who def were talked to and treated like this, so it hit me and always made me wonder how my dad would of been- macho? loving? etc song still makes me get emotional until this day!

PMA Kid: What are your three favorite books? Why?

Toby: Diet for a New America.  It made me never want to eat meat again. I dont have 3 favs hahaha

PMA Kid: What does PMA mean to you? How do you express PMA in your everyday life?

Toby: It means everything to me.  Being in my band 15years, married 16yrs and being a dad.  It's helped me in so many situations. It's helped me make smart decisions, and in things that i have worked hard for, focused on actually making it happen. I'm not perfect either. I'm a human being and I'm not always happy and have that PMA all the time. But I do know that how to get out of a rut or crappy situation is to only think Positive about what you have in this world and how blessed we are to be alive.

PMA Kid: When really bad things happen (somebody passes away, someone loses a job, money is really tight), how do you keep PMA?

Toby: Each situation is different.

Someone passes away, you think about and celebrate their time on this earth and all the fun you had with them and how they impacted peoples' lives.

You loose a job, but you still have a roof over your head and friends, fam that will help you out until you get back on your feet.

Money is tight, but you have a wife, girlfriend or kids who love you unconditionally and once again support from your family and you think about everything that you do have in this world, besides money (which is evil) and appreciate that and get back on your feet.

All these answers are just "what ifs?"  This is me speaking.  If these 3 things happen to me or my brother, etc.  Every person is different and some people might drink, smoke etc to ease the pain of the 3 situations you mentioned. I don't do any of that so my reality would be a lot different approaching these situations.

I hope I didn't ramble on to much!  Thanks, Toby


  1. Thanks to Toby for providing the first interview for my son's blog!


  2. WOW, Julian I am hugely impressed!!!! What a great interview and very thought provoking questions. Awesome job, keep up the great work. I look forward to your future interviews.

  3. Great interview & brilliant concise interviewee.

  4. Great interview man...keep up the good work...

    I also used H2o and their lyrics to help me through some rough times in my life as well.


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